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Insurance Policy

Insurance is optional for customers, if you choose insurance, the cost is 5% of the total price, minimum is $ 15.

Customers should claim in 3 days after receiving parcels. Overdue claims will not be accepted.

Please report damage, loss or missing contents of parcel to us when claiming.

What is covered?

  • If your parcel is lost in transit, we will give you a full refund or rebuy and resend you the item. Full refund includes all costs related with your purchase including item costs, service fees, and shipping costs, but does not cover money service fee that is used to transfer money to your account.
  • If items missing in parcel at arrive, we will refund you the item cost, including item domestic freight.
  • If items damaged, we will also give you refund for item cost and domestic freight.
  • If items do not work as stated, we will refund you the item service fee.
  • If items returned to us because of delivery error, we will resend the parcel for you without extra cost. But if it's because of wrong mailing address, customer refuses to comply his/her country's custom or rejection of parcel, you're responsible for additional costs.

Limits of insurance

  • Parcels returned because of your local custom will not be compensated.
  • Parcels returned because you failed to pick it up will not be compensated. You are responsible to additional costs to resend your parcel.
  • Item durability is not covered by insurance.
  • If item does not work as expected, insurance only covers item service fee.
  • If item has minor difference with color, we are not liable.


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