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Refund Policy

You can always cancel your order before you make the 1st payment, please contact us for such request. You can also choose not to do anything since no payment made. We only process order that has been paid.

If you want to cancel order after 1st payment made, but before 2nd payment. If items are not purchased yet, we will give you full refund. If items have been purchase, we will negotiate with seller, if seller agrees to refund, we will refund you the item cost, deducting the service fee and domestic freight. If seller does not agree to refund, we're sorry all fees could not be refunded. We're offering services as agent, if seller could not refund, we could not refund either, please kindly understand that.

The following reasons are not accepted:

  • The clothing does not look the same as the picture I see on taobao
  • There is small difference in color
  • The letter printed on clothing deviate a few centimeters

If the order kept by custom in your local country, we are not responsible. We don't have the ability to negotiate with your local custom. Therefore, please kindly check your local custom rules before buying from TaoBao.

For fragile items, we always check items carefully when they arrive to us. When shipping out, all items will be wrapped carefully to prevent from being broken or damaged by express company. But if such things happen, it will be express company's responsibility, we're not liable for it.

If you have parcel insurance, please refer to Insurance Policy which applies to your situation.

Please make sure you also check our Terms of Use for using our services as your Taobao agent.


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