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Terms of Use

Welcome to TaoBaoMode.com, by using TaoBaoMode.com's services, you understand and accept the following terms and conditions as stated in this policy.


We are taobao agent, we buy products for you from TaoBao.com and any other China online stores under your instructions. We don't sell any products. The product links provided (mainly to TaoBao.com) on TaoBaoMode.com is for your convenience.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us, we've created a separate Privacy Policy to explain how we use, process, secure and store your private information. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.


By using our services, you provide us your personal Email, to permit us Email you about your order instructions and modifications, to notify you the order process. You can control what types of Emails you want to receive in your account. We will not send you any Emails not related with your orders.

Payment Information

Payment methods we provide are made through secure gateway when using any credit card. We do not store any credit card information of customers.

Delivery Time, Custom Duties

In general, domestic delivery will be 2~5 days. Delivery time from us to customer destination depends on many factors, all shipping methods we provide will have a tracking number. You can track order online.

Average delivery time of major shipping methods:

Shipping method ETA (Business days)
DHL 3~5 days
EMS 7~10 days
Singapore EMS 5~10 days
China Post Airmail 15 ~ 25 days
Hong Kong Post Airmail 15 ~ 35 days

Delivery time varies on customer's country, shipping method, local custom clearance and local express agent. The delivery time is beyond our control, and we're not liable for any shipping methods. We will always help customer to inquire shipping information and make shipping smooth, buy we're not liable for shipping delay or custom duties.

Customer is responsible for local custom duties, you are responsible for paying custom duties.

The express company is responsible for the risk of damage or loss of your parcel items. It's your responsibility to check parcel when receiving, if any item damaged or lost, it will be express company's responsibility, we're not liable for it.

Order Cancellation

If you cancel order before the order purchased by us, full refund of the order will be refunded to you.

You can still cancel order after we bought the items, in this case, we will negotiate with seller. If seller agrees to refund, we will refund you the item payment, if seller has shipped items, the freight will not be refunded, and freight to ship items back will be charged to your account. Note that not all items could be canceled at TaoBao.com. If seller does not agree to cancel, we're sorry all fees paid could not be refunded.

Return and Refund

If item meets description described on item page and is accordant to your request, such as size, color and options, the item is not eligible for return or refund. If the item is distinctly different from seller description, we will negotiate will seller, buy we do not guarantee the result. Note that some TaoBao seller do not accept return or refund if the correct item shipped or request refund with no quality reason or return and refund effectiveness time passed. If that happens, we're sorry we could not help either.

If seller agrees to return or refund, we will do it for free, but involved freight (domestic freight and international shipping) will be on your charge.

Please read more at Refund Policy and Insurance Policy.


We're taobao agent, we do not sell any products you buy from TaoBao. We will verify item for you before and after purchasing, to ensure you get what you want. We have no control of item quality and functions. Please pick up items carefully when buying from TaoBao.com.


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