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Buy from TaoBao: Seller and Item Judgement

Jun 21, 2014 09:57

Do you know what's the biggest online store in China? It's taobao.com. Taobao has millions of products with very low prices.

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If you want to buy from taobao, it will generally be a little hard. The reason is almost all the buyers are Chinese, and they don't support international transaction very well. In this situation, you can get the taobao agent to help you. Taobaomode.com is always an outstanding taobao agent and one of the best. By visiting their site you will get the reasons.

What a taobao agent does is to act as your proxy, to finish the purchase for you and solve any issues occur when purchasing. They can solve many problems for you, but you still need to check something carefully before moving to an agent.

Products features: Low prices don't suggest high quality, so you should not turn to the lowest prices items on taobao. In some cases they may be dummy or the quality is very low. So don't always buy products with lowest prices.

Item feedbacks: Buyers could rate sellers and products after the transaction, from the rating you can get a general idea about the seller reputation and item quality. You can also check the seller's after-sale services from buyers' feedbacks. The highest score for seller is 5 and lowest is 0. Always buy only from sellers with score higher than 4, and be very careful if you need to buy one from a seller whose rating is less than 4.

After-sale: We all know such sellers who are very passionate before the payment of products, but when the purchase was made and something went wrong, it is very hard to get their after sale service. They just changed, and ignores you in most cases. Such situation could also be found in buyers reports, you can find it in feedbacks.

By the way, with their Search Taobao in English tool, you could search directly in English, or you can browse the Taobao in English categories too.


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