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Why Taobaomode.com is the Best Taobao Agent?

Jul 01, 2014 10:56

Taobaomode.com is a reliable taobao agent.

TaoBaoMode.com is always assisting buyers from all over the world to purchase their favorite products from TaoBao.com, Tmall.com and also other B2C stores in China. It's the professional and reliable agent.

What makes taobaomode.com the best taobao agent?

Easy to use yet effective shopping system
When shopping at taobaomode.com, you can easily add, modify and delete products from your order. After your order created, you can still add more items into it! What's more, you're able to put items in one parcel freely and then get it shipped together, even if they're in different orders! This will greatly save your international shipping fee. If some items arrive earlier than others, you can ask us to ship the arrived items first. You can all of that. TaoBaoMode.com is one of the best taobao agents that provide such functions to customers.

We don't have minimum order quality
You can buy anything you want, even if it's value is very low, we don't request the minimum order you can place.

You pay what you get
We don't add any price to item actual prices, you just pay what the item is worth, there is definitely no hidden fee.

Quick item confirm speed
After you place order and request item confirmation, the items will be checked for you in 12 hours, we will check item price, freight and also size, color and options based on your choice, to ensure there is no problems.

We will also check item quality for you
Besides the basic information, we will also review seller rating, products history feedbacks from actual buyers for you. This will prevent you buy a low quality product. When the item arrives to us, we will check the surface and basic function for you carefully.

Less shipping, save more
Taobaomode.com provides extraordinary discount for your shipping methods, the shipping fee is one of the lowest in taobao agents.

Quick and helpful customer support
Emails and questions from buyers will be answered in 12 hours, we are more than happy to help you with your purchase and shopping.

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