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Buy from TaoBao agent (the short story)

  • 1. Quick order, add taobao items (or items from any other China online store) into shopping cart
  • 2. At shopping cart page, edit your items, and place your order
  • 3. Select items, and request confirmation. We will confirm the price, domestic freight, options for you
  • 4. Items confirmed, you can pay the order now (1st payment: item + domestic freight)
  • 5. We purchase items for you, and update status to "Arrived" when we receive them
  • 6. You create a parcel, add items into parcel, and pay the shipping fee (2nd payment: international shipping fee).

    You can add items from different orders into ONE parcel! This will help saving you shipping fee!

Ready to start? Quick Order!

Need more details? We are ready to help you, read the Demo: Buy from TaoBao agent (the long story)


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