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Demo: Buy from TaoBao agent (the long story)

1. Add items into shopping cart

Click Quick Order from top menu.

Quick Order

2. Input TaoBao item URL, click "Submit"

Item URL

3. Review price, freight, input your price if price fetched is incorrect

Complete size, color options if have any, click "Add to Cart" button

Add to cart

4. At shopping cart page, add one address if you haven't yet, then click "Place Order" button

Add address

Place order

5. Your order is created and in "Pending" status. Choose items, and click "Request Confirmation" button

Request Confirmation

6. When all items confirmed, click "Pay Order" at view order page

Pay Order

7. At "Checkout" page, review your order, choose payment method, and click "Checkout" button

If you choose to pay by PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal's page, at where you can complete the payment. After successful payment, you will be leaded back to TaoBaoMode.com.


Checkout complete

If you choose to pay by other payment methods, you will see the corresponding recipient details and transaction info form, after you transfer payment to the recipient account, please complete the form. We will check it for you soon.

Pay order by western union

8. We will start processing the order, purchase items and update item to "Arrived" when we receive it

Item status

9. Choose "Arrived" items, and click "Ship to Me" button, input parcel title, create a new parcel

Create parcel

10. Your parcel is created and in "Pending" status, you can remove items from parcel, move items from other order into this parcel. When all is done, click "Pay Shipping Fee" button

Pay shipping fee

11. Choose shipping method and payment method, leave your note to us if have any, then click "Checkout" button

Choose shipping method


12. Like paying for order, you will see the checkout complete notice after payment

Once payment confirmed, we will ship the parcel for you soon, and update tracking number in 1~3 days after shipping. You can always check parcel status at view parcel page.

When you receive the order, please click "Receipt" button at view parcel page, and leave us a feedback, we appreciate your recommendation to other user.


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