How to buy from TaoBao.com agent TaoBaoMode.com?

In short words, customers add items (Quick Order) to Shopping Cart, create and pay order (1st payment: items + domestic freight), we purchase them for you. When items arrive, you pay parcel shipping (2nd payment: international shipping fee), we ship them to you.

Read more: How to order (short story), and How to order (long story).

Can I buy items that are not from TaoBao.com?

Yes. You can not only buy items from taobao.com and tmall.com, you can also buy items from any other online stores in China. Some of the supported sites: amazon.cn, jd.com, paipai.com, dangdang.com. Just input the price and freight, we will process it for you.

How much should I pay in total, including the international shipping?

Total cost = item price (including domestic freight) + service fee + international shipping.

Service fee = (item price + item domestic freight) * 8%, the minimum service fee is US $5.88. International shipping is decided by the total weight and shipping method you choose. You can use the Shipping Calculator to estimate shipping.

How much is the service fee?

Service fee is 8% of item price + domestic freight, the minimum is US $5.88.

How do I pay for my order? What payment methods do you support?

You can pay by PayPal, Western Union and MoneyGram. You can also pay by Credits if you have a positive balance.

When using quick order, the price showing on page is not the same with actual price, why?

We're sorry, it's because we fetched incorrect price. But it doesn't matter, you can input the correct price, we will confirm it for you latter.

Price on TaoBao.com showing like ¥138 - ¥258, what does that mean, which price should I choose?

It's because the item has different options like size, color and so on. You need to choose your option for each options group. When all options chosen, the final price will show up.

I buy many items from the same seller, will you combine the domestic freight?

In most cases, yes. This depends on seller, in most cases seller will combine freight or add a few additional freight if you buy many items once. We will do that for you too if seller does.

The item final price changed, it's different from price when creating order, how will you do?

Don't worry, if the price changes before the order is paid, you don't need to do anything, just pay as the new prices. If the price turned out changed after payment, we will credit your account balance with the price difference, you can use credit balance to pay 2nd payment (international shipping), your future orders, you can also withdraw it to your PayPal.

What currency do you support?

Currency with "$" is USD, and "¥" means CNY. We accept only USD and CNY when customers pay orders. If you pay by PayPal, the payment currency will be converted to USD automatically, you needn't do anything.

How much is the international shipping? I want to know before placing an order.

International shipping fee is expensive, it's decided by order weight, destination country and shipping carrier you choose. You can use Shipping Calculator to estimate shipping.

What shipping methods do you provide?

You can choose DHL, EMS, Singapore EMS, China Post Airmail or Hong Kong Post Airmail for shipping. We provide up to 50% discount for DHL, EMS and Singapore EMS. All shipping methods will provide a tracking number, so that you can track order online. More shipping methods will be added in future. Read more: Shipping methods guide.

Do you provide insurance to my parcel?

Insurance is optional. We suggest you to choose insurance when parcel value higher than standard. If using insurance, parcel items value will be actually declared, this increases risk of custom tax and custom tax value. If you insist on insurance, the insurance fee will be 5% of item price + item domestic freight + item service fee + international shipping, minimum is $ 15. Read more: Insurance Policy.

Why items I received are a little different from what I see on TaoBao.com?

If this happens, the most possible reason is TaoBao seller has modified their item picture, to make it look better. Another possible reason is seller posted good quality item picture, but actually selling low quality item. You need to pick up items very carefully, check seller history feedback rates and so on.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order as long as it's not been processed. When processing starts, we do not guarantee a full refund, please read our Refund Policy and Terms of Use.

What is your return & refund policy?

Please check Refund Policy.

Can you help me buy anything from TaoBao?

No, there are limitations on items we can buy for you. Items we can't buy includes live animals, plants, raw materials, heavy and huge items, toxic and chemical items, illegal items and any other items we think not legal to buy.

I'm a foreigner in China, can you help me buy from TaoBao?

Yes, we can do that for you, please choose China as your shipping address, we will process it for you. If you need any help, please feel free to Contact Us.

I placed my order, what to do now?

After you placed an order, make sure items prices and domestic freight is correct, then choose the items, and click "Request Confirmation" button, we will start confirming items. When all items in order confirmed, you can pay for the order (1st payment: item price + domestic freight).

Can I add more items to order?

You can add items to order, if you haven't paid order yet. Once you have paid the order, you can't add items to it.

At shopping cart, select items you wish to add to order, click "Add items to orders" button, check destination order, click "Add" button, you're done!

Items in order arrived, how will you ship to me?

When part of or all items in order are in "Arrived" status, you can request us to ship them to you. Choose "Arrived" items you want to ship, and click "Ship to me" button, if you don't have "Pending" parcels, create a new parcel, then items are added to parcel. Pay the shipping fee, you're done! We will ship it to you soon.

I placed many orders, can you ship them in one parcel?

Yes, you can add items from different orders into ONE parcel! This will save you much shipping fee. Just browse your orders, choose items you want to ship and add them to your destination parcel. All items in parcel will be shipped together.

I will place a big order, can I get any discount?

Yes, the standard service fee rate is 8%, if your order items total reaches $1000, you can enjoy a 6% service fee rate. It's automatically applied.

I'm a regular customer, can I have service fee discount?

Yes, we provide permanent service fee discount for regular customers. If your history order total reaches $ 5000, your service fee rate will be 5%.

Need more help? Please feel free to Contact us.


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