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Service Fee

Service fee = (Items fee + Items domestic freight) *8%. Domestic freight means freight from seller to us.

The minimum service fee is US$ 5.88, means if your service fee is less than US$ 5.88, our system will charge US$ 5.88.

Please note, there is no minimum order quantity, you can place order anyway. There is only minimum service fee.

For example, if your item total cost is $68 and domestic freight is $8, the service fee will be $6.08:

(68+8) * 8% = 6.08

If your item total cost is $12.6 and domestic freight is $1.6, the service fee will be $5.88:

(12.6+1.6) * 8% = 1.14 < 5.88

Please note: We have minimum service fee, buy we don't limit the minimum order you can place.

Large order discount

If your item total reaches US$ 1000, you can enjoy the 6% service fee rate. Add items into Shopping Cart, the discount will automatically apply once item total reaches $1000.


We're taobao agent, we don't sell the items you buy, so please pick items carefully when purchasing from TaoBao.com, if the item has quality problems, we will try our best to negotiate with seller, and try to get your desired result. If seller refused to provide return or refund, we're very sorry we can't help either. We do not promise warranty for items. Please kindly understand that.

We're responsible for problems such as: we bought wrong items (completely different from order list), items damaged before shipping out.

We don't accept virtual items, includes game tokens, gift cards and so on.

Quality of goods

We will verify items color, size, quantity, model for you, but we're not responsible for item quality.

For electronic items, we will only verify the surface and model. We will try to power on item to see if it works, we are not responsible for item functions.


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